Letter # 80 Active senior wants foldable power wheelchair Letter # 80

I have a friend who is 74 years old and is having very difficult time getting around. Because of physical disabilities and medical issues, she is not able to leave her apartment very often and even when she does, she cannot go far due to fatigue. She misses going out with friends, shopping without relying on her caregiver, and visiting grandchildren’s school functions. She used to be very active in the community and volunteered for many organizations. Now, she must rely on her caregiver who accompanies her walking with a walker or pushing her manual wheelchair, and this limits her social activities severely.
She would love to have a lightweight foldable power wheelchair (e.g. Foldawheel) that can fit in a car. With such equipment, she would not need to worry about cutting off her outing due to exhaustion or relying on someone pushing her wheelchair, and this would give her a great sense of independence and improve her quality of life. Because her income is very limited and she gets by barely every month, purchasing it is beyond her financial capacity.
I’m wondering if you could surprise her with a generous gift of a lightweight foldable power wheelchair. I’m certain she would be delighted beyond imagination.
Thank you Santa!

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