Letter # 821 Schoolage student in need Letter #821

Dear Santa,

If I could ask for one thing this year, it’s that you bring the magic of the Holiday season to a family I know. I have known Mom and Dad for over four years and they have 4 very sweet kids. They are good people, who work hard, but are in a tough situation. Mom and Dad often struggle to put food on the table, and also provide new clothes that fit them. They are currently living in a very downtrodden area because that is all they can afford. I see the 7 year old, wearing his same unwashed school uniform all week long, which I know is also just a hand-me down from his older brother. I also see the older son’s backpack filled with saved snack from the school day because he is hungry at night.

Recently, the family has been going through some rough times. Their cousins have been put into foster care and they are not allowed to see them. While Mom is already working 2 jobs, now even more of her time is spent helping her side of the family with this situation, and all of this is putting stress on the two younger boys especially. Their older sister and brother often need to pick them up from school, take them home, get them dinner, help with homework - essentially be parents while they handle their own school workloads as kids.

Santa, if you were able to find a way to get their family just some simple gift cards to go shopping for groceries, or to a clothing store, then I know they would feel so relieved, and the kids wouldn’t have to feel the burden of figuring out what to eat. Both of the boys enjoy playing outdoors and doing things like soccer, and basketball – the 7 year old would love to have his own ball – and I know the 10 year old could use some bigger new cleats he can grow into, he is size 6 and growing fast. The middle schooler loves all kinds of crafts – a sewing kit would be a great outlet for her creativity. The eldest has grown a lot over the years and has trouble finding plus sized clothes - he only has one sweater that he wears every day, but he doesn’t let that hold him back. He is a very kind and confident person and really deserves some Holiday magic – he is a senior in high school, and a gift card for him to go shopping, on his own, would be really special.

Thank you so much Santa for hearing my wishes this Holiday season.

Male, 7- Shirt Size: Kids small Shoe Size: 3-4, Ideas: a basketball, jacket, Pokemon, Fortnite, Bey Blades, Legos

Male, 10- Shirt Size: Kids medium Shoe Size: 6-7, Ideas: cleats, jacket, soccer jersey, portable ping pong net + equipment, Fortnite anything, Scrabble

Female, 12- Sewing kit, Slime-making kit, Clothing store gift card

male, 17- Clothing store gift card, shoe store gift card

Parents- Clothing store gift cards, Grocery store gift cards.

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