Letter # 853 Family struggling to make ends meet Letter#853

My name is Lupe and I live in Windsor .

I am writing to you today because my family has a problem.
Dear secret santa,
This year's has been very hard financially. I've had 2 surgery knee and hand. I have been struggling tremendously with my pg&e bill and to dress my kids and food is very limited at times please help .

We are wishing that Secret Santa can help us out by granting this wish.
First of all all 3 of my children are in need of warm clothes my first daughter is 17. She's a 3x, I struggle to buy her clothes. She has asked me if Santa could bring her gifts it could be a gift card to lane Bryant or Avenue. She also loves Victoria secret .She size 10 in a half in men's shoes and really needs shoes.
My other 2 boys are 8 yrs and 9. 1 of them want a bike and fortnight toys.
My other told me he wants clothes only he's size 14 16..
Can I get a gift card to foodmax so I can have a Christmas meal for them and may I get gift cards to target and walmart so I can buy them warm goodies that they only own 1 each.
If I can ask for something for myself it would be scarfs and gloves and a dish set thank you so much secret santa.

If we were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. This would be greatly appreciated. My kids would have a big smile on there face and would be a big help for me.All the neighbor kids have bikes but my son who's 8 don't have 1 . If I can get warm clothes it would keep them warm and to just see them have eat is needed would be a merry xmas.

Thank you very much and I wish you the best for the holiday season.

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