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Dear Secret Santa,

I know a friend who has taken on the role of grandfather (and father) to four sisters. The children have been dealing with the foster system and thus not have had a chance to find a place to call their own. Their mother works to provide, but unfortunately extensive work hours that keep her away from her children. Dad is currently incarcerated and is fighting a terminal illness in his brain. Grandmother, had also been fighting a similar illness but sadly passed away. The responsibility has fallen on my friend, who cares for the children, to raise them. The family has braved on with the aid of welfare and the support of family and friends.

Having recently lost their grandmother to terminal illness, the family (especially the children) are having difficulty coping with their current situation. Grandpa has now taken the responsibility of caring for the four lovely ladies, ages 14, 10, 9, and 8 who are just precious. Grandpa works every day and prays every night that he may give them the Christmas they deserve with meaningful Christmas memories to show that they are not alone as they go through this difficult time.

While the road to recovery has been long and painful, the thought of providing a meaningful childhood to all his children motivates him to become stronger and healthier. Like all children, these are growing at alarming speed and the cost of purchasing new and suitable clothing for them during the upcoming cold months and returning to school is more than a challenge for a family, let alone a single grandfather. The idea of providing the children with some new things for Christmas could certainly make their Christmas experience a wonderful one. Creating cherished memories what my friend and I wish for. A crock pot or microwave to provide a hot meal for them to gather around or the experience of going to a local restaurant as a family would be amazing for them. I picture them creating memories with family nights under warm blankets and in sleeping bags playing board games during the cold winter. I want them to have their childhood dream of riding their first bikes and traveling around your community as a family.

I want them to have a Merry Christmas this year and hope you and our great community could assist me by providing any donations, whether they be food, clothes, toys or financial assistance to help this very special family. Please help my friends and this family in need, they aren’t the only ones that would be so grateful.

Female, 10- Shirt Large. Pants 14-16. Shoes 9 ½-10 in women. Virginia is shy and creative. She loves Minnie mouse and everything Disney.

Female, 9- Shirt Medium. Pants 8-10. Shoes 3. Olivia enjoys reading, drawing, and coloring.

Female, 8- Shirt size Small, Pants 9-10, Shoe size 3-4 in kids. Enjoys art and playing with kitchen sets.

Female, 14- Shoes 9 in woman. Shirt/Jacket: Medium girls Pants: 13 (Skinny jeans are a must because of their popularity), expresses herself and finds comfort in engagement and expression through art.

Male, senior- Uncle did not ask for anything for himself. Instead he asked for things to assist and make the children living easier. A kitchen supplies to make the children hot meals. Blankets and sleeping bags to keep the children warm during these colder times. Shower towels because they never seem to last. And finally some tote or travel bags for the few times the family has the opportunity to have sleep overs.

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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