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Dear Secret Santa 

For many families this is their favorite time of year, as friends and loved ones gather for a special holiday. I know a family that has two lovely young ladies and a third on its way. Each parent works two jobs to provide the best they can for their kids. My friends’ youngest was born with a learning disability that has delayed her in terms of her learning and speech capabilities. She is now 9 years old and receiving amazing support from teachers and counselors in her 4th grade class. My friends are extremely hard working. Although they did not receive the best education, they make it a priority to sit down with their daughters every night after 12-14 hour shifts to listen to their daughters talk about their day and hear about what they learned at school. 

Once incredibly shy, both ladies have started coming out of their shells and embracing their roles as soon to be older siblings. The younger has found her voice through Glee Club and art, expressing herself through any artistic medium she comes across. Her older sibling, has embraced her competitive side and has joined a volleyball club, pushing herself to the limits for her school’s team. My wish is that my friends will get the help and support to keep them comfortable and to allow them to share simple moments together. Movies, mother-daughter dates, pampering, gift cards to go out on a day of shopping. Every mom and dad want to see their little girls happy, play dress up, clasp her favorite necklace, style her hair, paint her nails and watch her laugh and play.  

All my friends want this Christmas is a simple set of painting and coloring materials so that they can express themselves in manners they are unable to do so verbally. They are well deserving of a gift for the holidays. A special gift will help fulfill these children and remind them that someone had them in mind. 

Female, 7- Shirt Medium. Pants 8-10. Shoes 2. Olivia enjoys reading, drawing, and coloring. Volleyball. Gift cards for clothing, Ipad for educational purposes, above all a volleyball 

Female, 6- Shirt size Small, Pants 6-7, Shoe size 13 in kids. Enjoys art and playing with kitchen sets. Art supplies and clothing. 

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