Letter # 878 School Age kids in need Letter #878

Dear Santa,

There’s a group of boys in my neighborhood that are best friends. The five boys have a bond that is obvious to anyone that sees them. They spend every waking minute together and are basically brothers. You see, Santa, these boys are friends because each of them shares the sad fact that they live on the edge of poverty and no one is ever home. All of their parents work all the time and these boys, at the age of 15, have learned to fend for themselves. They have looked to each other for guidance and support and take care of one another. When one of the boys’ father passed away they all cried together. When one is worried they won’t have enough food they collect from their own houses and make sure no one is hungry. When another’s mom was in the hospital they rallied around him and made him cards and gifts-surprisingly touching for teenage boys. Unfortunately the boy’s mother passed away from breast cancer and Santa, they all wear a pink ribbon or bracelet every day in support of their friend. Growing up poor and alone they’ve found strength together. Santa, these boys walk to and from school together every day and pretty far. Lately it’s been getting darker and darker and since they all play on either the school basketball team or soccer team they sometimes walk in complete darkness. Santa, these boys need bikes and helmets and reflective gear so they can get home quickly and safely every night. Such friendship in tough times deserves a little recognition. Even though they don’t have much, they have each other and in a neighborhood where gangs and violence is the obvious answer. Instead they’ve turned towards lifting each other up. I think it goes without saying Santa that love and friendship conquers all and I would love to show them it also can create a little Christmas magic.

Male, 16- Basketball, gym bag, gift cards for clothes and shoe size 14, shirt size Adult L-XL, pant size Adult L-XL Brands: Nike, Under Armor, Puma, Adidas Teams: Warriors, Bulls, Timberwolves Wants: Beats headphones would be super special

Male, 15- Bike 18”, Soccer ball, portable goals, gym bag, gift cards for clothes and shoes Shoe size: 8 ½ Shirt size: adult medium Pant size: Adult medium Brands: Adidas Teams: Liga MX (soccer team)

Male, 15- Bike 18”, Basketball, gym bag, gift cards for clothes and shoes size: 9 Shirt size: adult large Pant size: adult large Brands: Nike Needs: Basketball Shoes, sweatpants and hoodies/sweatshirts

Male, 15- Shoe size: 10 1/2 Shirt size: adult Large Pant size: 32 Brands: Nike, Champion Under Armour Needs: Jeans and hoodies/sweatshirt Wants: portable speaker (Beats, JBL, Lifejacket)

Male, 15- Soccer ball, soccer goalie gloves, portable goals, Shoe size: 8 Shirt size: Adult large Pant size: 30/med Brands: Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Adidas, American Eagle Needs: Jeans, hoodies/sweatshirt, joggers

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