Letter # 880 School Age kids in need Letter #880

Dear Santa,
Sometimes children have to grow up too fast. A young lady I know has had to take her future into her own hands and deals with things she shouldn’t have at a young age. Unfortunately this young ladies parents did not take very good care of her and by second grade she was in foster care. My friend has been passed around foster homes for the 5 years and hasn’t always been in a safe place. She has suffered from acute shyness, has had issues in school and hasn’t always had the greatest behavior. Her outward life reflected the chaos going on at her home. I met her in the beginning of 7th grade and she seemed so poised and mature. I had no idea she had such a tumultuous past. Upon getting to know her I couldn’t believe such a funny, creative girl could have so much behind her. Santa this girl has finally found a foster parent who cares for her and has given her a good home for the past year. My friend has gotten into volleyball and is one of the most dedicated members on her team. She now has a good group of friends and works hard in school. She has overcome so much at such a young age and still looks to her future with a positive attitude. Her foster mom works hard to provide for her but she still doesn’t have much. Santa, my friend deserves a volleyball so she can practice her favorite sport. She could use a new backpack for her school books as the one she has is a hand me down from her foster sister. Many of her clothes are hand me downs as well and it would be magical to get her some new clothes. Hopefully this Christmas she can see that there still is a little bit of magic in the world.

Female, 13- Shirt size medium, pant size 6 shoe size 8 needs sweatshirts, hoodies Brands: Nike, Adidas, vans Loves volleyball, slime, arts and crafts, simple jewelry

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