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Dear Santa,
In the wake of the devastating fires last year there are still so many people who are need in Sonoma County. I hope someone hears this story and is compelled to help this special person. Santa, there is a young man who I have known for 3 years now whose whole life has been completely upended by the fires. My friend is a kind and gentle 16 year old boy who works really hard in school. He has a dream of being an aerospace engineer-a lofty goal indeed. When the fires broke out he had to run out of his house in Coffee Park and leave almost everything behind. Thankfully he and his mother were safe and made it out unharmed. They stayed with friends and godparents but struggled to find housing for quite some time. Unfortunately, my friend’s mom had been renting and so did not have a lot of resources to find a new place. To top it all off she went through a divorce and went from a two income household to one. During this time the one possession my friend was able to bring with him was a JBL speaker that he had gotten for his birthday from his mother. It may seem silly but it meant a lot to him and he was very proud of having such a “cool” item, especially being a 16 year old boy! He would listen to music under the covers in whatever house they were staying and found comfort. During this time my friend’s mom was really struggling. The generosity of friends started to dry up and she was frantic to find a place to live. She broke down to me one evening disparaging the promises so many had made when the fire first happened and how easy people forgot them. My friend was worried about his mother and he took the only thing besides the clothes on his back he had saved and sold it to give money to his mother. It was such a simple, sweet and unselfish act it truly touched me. Since then my friend has moved into a modest two bedroom apartment and is much more settled. It’s not the big beautiful house, but it’s home. Santa if we could replace my friend’s speaker and the clothing that he so selfishly gave up to support his family I truly think it would be a Christmas miracle.

Male, 15- Beats or JBL speaker Size medium hoodies, sweatshirts Likes Nike, Adidas, Vans, converse Shoe size 10, 10.5 or gift cards to do his own shopping.

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