Letter # 884 Schoolage student in need Letter #884

Dear Santa,
I have a friend who is my hero. Santa even though he is only 16 he is my hero because although he has been faced with some difficult times he maintains a positive attitude people who have so much more struggle with. Santa my friend’s parents don’t have much. In fact I would say they are living on the edge. Although my friend is only sixteen he has been homeless three times, once for a year. My friend currently lives in the garage of a house where several other families live. Santa my friend has had times in his life where the only meal ate for the day was the school’s free lunch. On weekends he went to friends’ houses to play but would really hope that their parents would put out snacks or make lunch. Santa my friend doesn’t want his parents to worry about him so he doesn’t tell them when he’s hungry or anxious or scared. He thinks they worry enough and he can help himself. Santa the reason my friend is my hero is through all of this he has a positive sunny attitude that is infectious. He has a zest for life and isn’t afraid to try new things. He’s helpful to others and is always looking after the younger kids that live in his house. Santa when my friend started High School the thing he was most excited about was joining the soccer team. He practiced every day and worked really hard to make the team. Santa my friend plays soccer in worn out shoes-simple street shoes not even made for soccer. My friend could use some new shoes so he can keep up with the other guys on the field. My friend could use a gym bag so he doesn’t have to cram his uniform into his backpack during the day. Santa as simple as it sounds my friend would love a soccer ball and portable goals so he can practice the sport he loves best. Santa I truly hope my friend, my hero, gets his wish this year and that he can keep his positive, sunny smile even through the holidays.

Male, 16- soccer shoes size 9, soccer ball, portable speaker,penny board, wireless speakers, ipod, gym bag Size Mens Large Shirt/Jacket-Nike, warriors jersey or gear, hoody or jacket or gift cards so he may do his own shopping.

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