Letter # 885 Schoolage student in need Letter #885

Dear Santa,

I know some incredible girls who have such a bright future ahead of them. They are 15 year old cousins and they are inseparable. While other girls their age focus on boys, clothes and makeup these girls work tirelessly at school. There main goal is to take advantage of the opportunities their parents have given them and someday repay them for all they have done. Both these girls’ parents came from Mexico and they don’t have a lot. They are field workers and housekeepers and work tireless hours. Every penny they get helps them scrape by and gets food on the table. Anything extra is sent back to Mexico to help family members, in particular the girl’s grandmother who suffers from grave health problems. Because they don’t have a lot of money the girls don’t always get to experience the typical teenage life. They wear hand me down clothes and never get to go to the movies, out to dinner or hang at the mall. One of the cousins has an eye for photography that is so beyond the typical selfie but with money being tight her dreams of having a digital camera seem out of reach. The other recently had her birthday and the only thing she asked for was for her mom to make her favorite meal and for her family to be together. I would love to give these girls and their families a special Christmas this year. I would love to send this family on a special dinner where the moms don’t have to cook and the entire family can relax and enjoy each other’s company. They have not gone out to dinner in over 10 years-a luxury many of us take for granted. The one cousin deserves a digital camera so her artistic vision can come to life and the other would be over the moon to receive new clothes and movie tickets so she can feel confident and go out with friends. Hopefully Santa this hard working, kind family can feel the warmth of the holiday season and be rewarded for all they give to others. The rest of their family unit could use a few things as well to make the holidays special, please help me fulfill their needs.

Female, 15- Shirt size-small, pant size 4, shoe size 5-51/2 Brands-Nike, Adidas, vans, PINK, Air Jordans, ambercrombie High quality digital camera, movie tickets, lotion

Female, 14- Shirt size-small, pant/jean size 2 or 3, shoe size 9. Brands: Vans, PINK, Nike, Hollister Loves delicate jewelry, lotion from PINK Wishes for a portable speaker: lifejacket, JBL, beats

Female, 10- Loves slime, friendship bracelets, lanyards, arts and crafts

Parents- Set of cups, pots and pans, crock pot, rice cooker, Dad needs XL tshirts

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