Letter # 886 Schoolage student in need Letter #886

Dear Santa,
There is a special friend I have who currently lives in a difficult situation and tries to remain as positive as he can. His mother is single with three kids. She works 2 jobs to provide for all of them but it is very hard. Mom came here from Mexico with her husband hoping to start a better life. They settled down and had children hoping the kids would experience more than they had back home. Unfortunately dad succumbed to some personal demons and was unable to be in their life anymore. Mom bravely went out into the world on her own to support her 3 kids. Currently they are all renting one room and they all have to share a room. My friend often sleeps on the floor so his sisters and his mom can share the bed. This boy is very outgoing and loves to be around his friends. His positive spirit is infectious and he is always laughing and having a good time with his peers. Lately, I have noticed how limited his wardrobe is and how some of the clothes he has is either too big or too tight. He has also had to resort to an old pair of shoes because the ones he wore daily tore apart. I think it would be special if we got him some nice, clean suitable sweaters, especially for the winter season approaching. I also think it would be great if we got him a nice pair of new shoes to help him feel comfortable. His little sister is only 7 and has to wear their 14 year old sister’s sweatshirts to keep warm. I would love to get her some age appropriate items as well. My friends’ oldest sister is often in the role of mother for all of them. She is intensely creative and loves to draw but she doesn’t always have time to pursue her passion. Some art supplies would make her day. Santa, sometimes I notice my friend is very hungry. He often takes more than one snack to save for dinner later. I know his mom tries to give him what she can but it isn’t always enough. I think some gift cards for groceries would really help this family. Please Santa lets help this family find some warmth in these winter months.

Male, 12- Shoe size-9 men, shirt size adult medium. Needs sweatshirts and hoodies. Brands: Air Jordans, Nike, Adidas, converse. Needs a new backpack. Would love really really nice tennis shoes, headphones

Male, 9- Shoe size 3 Shirt youth 11/12. She really needs a coat and sweaters. She loves Legos, a basketball, squisheys and a play kitchen set

Female, 14- Shirt adult medium, shoe size 6 ½ pants 8 ½. Loves skateboard brand clothes. Loves anime and likes to do bright colored makeup. Loves to draw and sketch

female, 36- Shirt-adult large, shoe 8 1/2 , jeans 9. Needs nice clothes and shoes for job interviews. Family could use some comforters and blankets. Grocery Gift Cards are really needed.

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