Letter # 887 Schoolage student in need Letter #887

Dear Santa,

There is a girl I know who has a strong heart who has been through a lot but persevered with love and empathy. Santa when my friend was younger her parents were very, very poor. They were homeless and on the streets with a toddler. My friend’s parents knew that this wasn’t a good environment for their baby girl and turned to the pastor of their church for help. This pastor had a little girl the same age and agreed to take in their baby while they worked to get back on their feet. For a few years her parents struggled and remained homeless but they never stopped loving their daughter. They would visit as often as possible and the pastor was taking good care of my friend but she really missed her parents. Santa I am happy to say that her parents DID get jobs and were able to get a small apartment. My friend has been back with her parents for the past few years and is happier than ever. She is an excellent student and is even the editor in chief of the student newspaper. She loves her family so much and is just happy to be with them. They still don’t have much money and my friend wears GoodWill clothes, and old shoes. If you ask her what she wants for Christmas her response is a cheery “nothing, I have everything I need.” Santa I reminded of the simple things when I am around my friend and of how even with all the materials in the world family comes first. I would like to celebrate her family and the love and strength they have shown even in the hardest times. They could really use some gift cards for groceries and maybe even a night out as a family. Money is really tight and so going out isn’t ever possible. Some family games would be a great way to have fun together. I know my friend would appreciate some new clothes and shoes. She is incredibly creative and a special gift would be an art set or sewing kit. Santa please help give this family who has worked so hard to be together have a special Christmas.

Female, 12- Shirts -adult large needs sweaters and a jacket, hygiene projects. Would love art sets, family games, slime sets, jewelry making set

Male, 9- Hot wheels, electric car, Legos, soccer ball

Parents- Grocery cards, restaurant gift certificates, pots and pans, crock pot, toiletries

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