Letter # 888 Schoolage student in need Letter #888

Dear Santa,

There is a girl I know who has a zest for life that is unmatchable. She’s loud, fun and sometimes over the top but at 13 years old the confidence she exudes is rare for a teenager. One day overheard this girl talking with friends about their parents. It was the typical “oh my mom is so strict” type of conversation in which teens lament about their parents setting boundaries but I noticed my friend being oddly silent. She looked uncomfortable and when someone asked her what her mom did for a living she said “oh….something.” Curious, I pulled my friend aside later and asked her if she was ok. At first she brushed me off and made excuses but she hinted that things weren’t quite right. I told her that if she ever needed to talk I was there for there. In the coming weeks I kept reaching out and slowly but surely her story came out. Her mother unfortunately struggles with drug abuse. My friend loves her mom but understands this struggle isn’t safe for a child to be around. Fortunately my friend has an older brother who has guardianship over her now and even though he has a newborn infant has welcomed my friend and their 12 year old younger brother into their home. Older brother is only 25 and now has three kids to look after. He works three jobs in order to provide for them all and even pays for mom to get treatment. As I heard this story unfold over the next few weeks I began to notice my friends clothes were worn; there were holes in elbows and knees and her shoes were obviously too small. A teenage girl prides herself on her appearance and I noticed her hair is often greasy, pulled back and undone. While many of her friends have all the latest technology she has an old IPod with a cracked screen. What astounds me about my friend is that she doesn’t let any of this stop her from being a leader amongst her peers. She constantly stands up for what’s right and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Santa if I could give this girl a special Christmas it would mean the world to me. She could use some new clothes that are more fashionable, some hygiene products and shoes. I would love for her to feel as confident with her appearance as she is with her values and zest for life.

Female, 13- Clothes (Jackets, shirts) size L, shoe size 5. She needs sweatshirts. Wants a purse, jewelry (bracelets and necklaces), make up, PINK , LUSH lotions. Face masks, hygiene products

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