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Dear Santa,

There is a family on my street that is so full of love and kindness all I want this holiday season is to give them a Christmas to remember. As a single mom, my neighbor works 2 jobs to provide for her three children. Unfortunately she had to leave her husband several years ago because of his drug use. She made the hard decision to leave even though she had three very small children and still had love in her heart for him. Although he continues to struggle with addiction she tries her best to support him getting clean as she know it is best for her family to have a healthy father. Even in the midst of all this she still managed to raise three incredible children who are the darlings of the neighborhood. The oldest is a 14 year old teen who carts around her brothers, 4 and 9, entertaining them and playing with them while mom works as a housekeeper and as a waitress. She volunteers at the local after school program for kids as well and is gifted with younger children. She consistently makes sure her brothers are full of pleases, thank you and yes sir/ma’am and has them run and help neighbors with carrying groceries and other small chores. Although they don’t have much, their mother always makes sure their clothes are clean and there’s food on the table; even if the oldest daughter sometimes has to do the cooking. I found out that there’s not going to be much of a Christmas this year for this family-the rent went up and money is incredibly tight. Household items are getting worn and there’s no money to replace them. Santa, it would be amazing to give this family some essential things to make their home as bright as their hearts and some extra special things to make Christmas magic. The kids could all use new twin bed sheets and mom is in desperate need of new pots, pans and towels. The littlest boy loves Spiderman and blocks while the 9 year old is a Lego and hot wheel fan. Last but not least the oldest girl deserves to feel like a kid again, even with so much responsibility on her plate. She often wears her mom’s hand me down and she needs a bunch of new clothes to feel like a real teenage girl. Please Santa see what you can do about bringing joy to a family who brings so much joy to others.

Female, 14- Shirt size adult small, pants 4, shoe 7 Brands: Adidas, Nike, American Eagle, PINK, Vans, Converse Likes rings, PINK lotions and soccer ball, volleyball

Male, 4- Loves spider man, blocks, stuffed animals

Male, 9- Loves slime, Legos and hot wheels

Female, 36- Needs 3 twin sheet sets, towels, pots and pans for cooking, crockpot. Loves candles and perfumed lotions

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