Letter # 890 Schoolage student in need Letter #890

Dear Santa,
I know three brothers who deserve a special Christmas. These boys have been through a lot but they have a spark and love between them that can’t be put out. Unfortunately, Santa, their mother has been struggling for a long time with some alcohol problems. Their dad has been supportive of her getting help but time and time again she has fallen to her demons. She had a few run-ins with the law and dad decided enough is enough. He took sole custody of the boys but promised that if she got clean he would help them reunite. She fell into her problems and the boys sorely miss their mother. Their dad is doing a great job caring for the boys and has instilled such strong values in them. The oldest is in 8th grade, currently has straight A’s and has aspirations to be a lawyer. This ambition trickles down to the youngest; 8 years old and already the most advanced reader in his class! The boys are kind and caring and always well behaved. I know how hard their dad works and although they would never admit it they miss out on some things other boys their age get. They all love football and basketball but don’t have one to call their own. The oldest wears hand me downs from dad and relatives’ while the younger boys take those clothes later on. Santa it would be so special to give these sweet rough and tumble boys some new clothes and shoes to call their own. Some sports equipment and family games will keep these boys endlessly entertained. Santa, these boys miss their mother so much but I am happy to report she is in rehab and doing better. Dad is supportive and has some visits scheduled soon. On top of getting their mom back let’s make Christmas extra special for these fun loving, smart boys.

Male, 13- Shirt-adult large, shoe 8.5. needs shoes and sweatshirts and hoodies Brands-champion, under armor, Adidas, Nike, vans, converse Wants a basketball, a football, nerf gun,

Male, 12- Shirt-adult medium shoes 7.5 needs shoes and sweatshirts Brands-Nike, Adidas, vans Wants basketball, mini basketball hoop. Nerf toys

Male, 8- Shirt size, youth 8, shoes 4. Needs shoes and sweatshirts Wants-electric car, light up sketcher shoes, scooter

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