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Dear Secret Santa,
I know two young ladies who have been through a lot in their young lives. Stressed with family separation, these ladies’ grandmother graciously stepped up to raise my friends without even a thought. This of course raised some financial issues for grandmother realizing that she will now be responsible for these young beautiful ladies. This grandmother could use some help this winter to afford some much needed gifts since she spends all of her money on a roof over my friends’ heads and food on the table, even though the food is scarce at times.

My older friend is in third grade and the sweetest young lady I have met in a long time. My friend wears hand-me-downs and clothes that are too small for her. To put a smile on my friend’s face this winter, she would very much appreciate a warm jacket, she wears a size youth large, and some new toys. She loves arts and dolls and really likes Shopkins. Her younger sister is the leader of her classroom and is always in charge of the lines and clean up. My young friend is in the first grade and is obviously one of the top excelling students. She herself is in a great need for new clothes. She wears all of her sister’s hand-me-downs and is rarely wearing clothes without holes in them. Like her sister, she loves arts and crafts and all things pretend. Dolls and Barbies would put a smile on her face.

Since this family has been stressed with departure, my two friends spend time each day talking to counselors or teachers about their experiences. This family rarely has time to spend together to just have fun or be a family. I would love to be able to gift this family with a dinner or some movie tickets. Anything to bring this family closer as the holiday season starts.

As for the gracious grandmother, a warm blanket, gift cards for gas or food, and some board games appropriate for my younger friends would ease some stress of her back this holiday season. Thank you for helping my friends during this hard and stressful time in their lives. We appreciate everything you can do to support them.
Thank you,
Friendly Neighbor

Female, 8- Youth XL girls clothes, jacket. Art supplies, dolls, Shoes

Male, 6- Youth M, art supplies, dolls, and shoes

Grandmother- warm Blankets, Ross Gift Cards, Gas Gift Cards, board games, Tickets for the movies, or dinner gift cards

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