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Dear Secret Santa,

My two friends are the sweetest little boys you will ever meet. They come to school every day with a smile on their faces but it seems like the older brother passes his clothes down to his younger brother. Wearing almost the same clothes every day to school is making my older friend want to work to help his parents out instead of come to school. He understands the struggle it is to make money for his parents and he wants to help out. Unfortunately he is too young to help just yet, but that personality shows when he is the first to help out in the classroom and is always the one who volunteers to do anything for the adults. Recently, this family has been hit with some major stress and has caused the mother to lose all of her money. This mother was hit, leaving a large black eye, as she was robbed of all the money she had for the month. This of course is a stressful event that has made the thought of buying Christmas presents nearly impossible. Since the family is already struggling to put food on the table every night, this event has changed what this family thought was going to be a happy holiday season, to one just like the past seasons, without gifts.

My sweet friends have the closest bond between brothers that I have seen in a while, they are always playing together even though there is a large age gap. My fourth grade friend is always watching out for his younger brother and giving him the life lessons he will need to be successful. At home, the only toys they have are a couple of marbles and some little race cars. To have some toys this year for Christmas would bring these two brothers even closer and would lighten up their Christmas. To have some new clothes for my friends, would give them more confidence and would help out his parents immensely. My friends have a little sister who really needs some warm blankets, new clothes, and toys. She is the sweetest little girl and really deserves to experience her first Christmas as a happy time for her family, not a stressful time. For my friends’ parents, some gift cards for food and clothes would mean that they could have a few warm dinners during the week, and be able to pick out clothes for their family during this cold season. Anything would really help this family out and they would appreciate and be grateful for anything they receive.
Thank you,
Friendly Neighbor

Male, 10- Size Youth XL Clothes, Legos, Pokemon, Warm blankets, Remote Control Cars, marble games, blay-blades

Male, 6- Size S Clothes, Action Figures, Soccer ball (Size 4), Legos, Learning games

Female, 1- Size 2T clothes, dolls, toddler toys

Parents- Warm Blankets, Gift Cards for food and clothes, Board games

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