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Dear Secret Santa,

My friend has the biggest heart for such a young boy. He is a leader amongst his friends and always wants everyone to get along and appreciate each other. He cares for his little brother more than I have seen in a while. He is always there to back up his brother and show him that he cares. My friend and his brother have been going through some hard times at home, never knowing who is going to be picking them up, and unsure if their mother is even going to be home when they get home. Each family member that picks up the boys seems to be stressed and concerned about what the next day is going to look like. This stress has been passed down to the boys in an unfortunate way. School work seems to be on the back burner for these boys are more interested in making friends and having fun. At home, there is nothing to do but homework, reading, cleaning, and eating. Without a strong family routine in place at home, the boys go to bed at different times, due to not knowing where they are sleeping, mothers or fathers, or step-fathers house. These two boys don’t really have any toys to play with at the homes because there is never a clear understanding of where they will be. My friends wear a school uniform, but their clothes are worn out, with holes, and their shoes are falling apart. This family really needs some support this Christmas to be able to put some nice presents under the tree.

My older friend is really into sports and rarely wants to do anything else. My friend does not have any sports equipment at home and really wants to take home a ball everyday he comes to school so that he can continue to play when he gets home. Some new sports equipment of any kind will mean that my friend can pay when he is at home and teach his brother his passion. My friend also really loves dance and music, he is constantly seen and heard dancing and singing at school. He needs some headphones so that he can listen to music when he is at home and surrounded by many people. My friend loves remote control cars and would really like a monster truck remote control car that he can drive around outside. My friend’s younger brother is really into Legos and playing games. He does not have any Legos at home and would like some that he can build with. He also really likes action figures and acting out scenes with his imagination. He likes sports like his brother but still unsure which is his favorite. Any learning books would also help my friend for he is behind in his class. For the two younger brothers who are not in school yet, some new age appropriate toys and learning games would greatly benefit their future. For the family, board games would bond these boys even further than they already are. Shopping gift cards would put new clothes on these boys’ backs and warm food on the table. Anything would help this family for the holiday season, and they will be grateful for everything they receive.
Thank you,

Friendly Neighbor

Male, 11- Size Adult S Clothes, Pokemon, Warm blankets, Basketball, headphones, soccer ball, football, anything sports related

Male, 6- Size Youth S Clothes, Soccer ball, learning games, legos, race cars, Size 1 Shoes

Male, 4- Size youth S Clothes, Legos, Cars, Warm Blankets

Male, 2- Size 4T clothes, toddler toys, Blankets

Household- Warm Blankets, Gift Cards for food and clothes, Board games, gift cards

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