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Dear Secret Santa,
We know three brothers that are in need of some help this year. Mother is the only provider for them since their dad is no longer in the picture. Mom works very hard to provide shelter, food, and clothes but does not make enough for them to have things they want or desire. The boys are in first grade, fourth grade, and the oldest is in eighth grade. All of the boys come to school with a positive attitude and are eager to learn. Although these boys come ready to learn, their clothes are very old, worn out, or very small. The younger brothers seem to wear the oldest brothers old clothes which are around 6 years old or more. Since the family is made up of all boys, the cycle of sharing clothes seems to be never ending. The boys are growing up fast and their clothes are getting smaller. Mom barely has money to afford new clothes for them and other necessities they deserve.

For the holidays this year, all of the boys need new clothes. Warm jackets, shoes, and warm blankets for the house are needed as well. For the youngest boy, who is only in first grade, some new legos, hot wheels, and action figures would allow him to have some toys of his own instead of always having to borrow his brothers’ old toys that are broken or breaking and dirty. The middle brother would really appreciate some toys that challenge his thinking. He is a very intelligent young man and loves puzzles or complex ideas. He definitely appreciates the game of Pokémon but does not have enough cards to really get into games at school. He also really likes remote control cars. The oldest brother is in Middle School now and would really appreciate some new head phones to listen to music while he is walking home or at home. He also really likes basketball but does not have one of his own, so a nice new basketball would cheer him up this holiday. For the mother and the household, some new board games would help bond the family since it seems to be the stress of life is only separating the family more. The family would also appreciate some gift cards to local clothing stores and grocery stores. Anything to give the mother some breathing room this holiday season would be much appreciated.

This family deserves the most and only has the least. Mother does everything she can to keep these boys on the right track and unfortunately she needs some help. Our friends need something special this Christmas because without help, we are afraid they will not have a very happy Christmas. Please help my friends get what they deserve this Christmas, anything helps.
Thank you,
Friendly Neighbor

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