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Dear Secret Santa,
My friend has the sweetest heart you can ever imagine and loves to help her friends out with homework. Since her godparents lost their house, they have been living with a full house in just a two bedroom apartment. This leads to little room for her own things, and her own space. My friend is very respectful and would never say anything is wrong but you can tell she is stressed when she begs her mom to stay extra time at the Club and never wants to go home. All of this stress brings up terrible memories of her father passing away recently and this makes my friend sad. My friend only has her mother to take care of her, which means that there is little extra money after paying for all the food in the house, which is now much more than ever before, and paying for the home itself. With no extra money, my friend has little that is her own. My friend is constantly talking about how her mother and her share clothes due to the little amount of money that her mother receives from her job. Even though her mother has two jobs, money is an issue for them. With the two jobs, time spent together is also an issue. My friend rarely sees her mother and when she does, she is getting ready for bed and tired from the long day.

My friend could really use some help this winter to get some things she really needs. With a full house of adults and no siblings to play with, my friend is constantly reading all day. To have some art supplies and dolls would give my friend some company and something to play with. To have some new clothes for both mother and her would mean that they would have more clothes and maybe wouldn’t have to share clothes anymore. For mother and daughters bond to grow, some board games could help them laugh and have fun with the little time they have to spend together. Some gift cards for clothes, or groceries would really help this mother out this Christmas and some money or restaurant gift cards would mean that this mother and daughter could get away from the stress of the household for a night to just appreciate each other. My friend and her mother need some help this Christmas, so anything that can be done to show some appreciation for how much this mother works to support her daughter would bring more gratitude to an already extremely grateful family.

Thank you,
Friendly Neighbor

Female, 13- Dolls, art supplies, beauty supplies, Size Youth L shirts/Jackets, Size 2 shoes, books, warm blankets, scarves and glove sets, Gift cards

Mother- Warm Blankets, Gift Cards for food and clothes Clothes, Adult XS or S. Scarves and gloves. Gift cards for household supplies.

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