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Dear Secret Santa,
My two friends are the sweetest friendliest kids I have met in a long time. Unfortunately this friendly attitude does not mean that the other kids are friendly toward them. My older friend is in the seventh grade and is constantly getting bullied by his classmates unseen by the adults and teachers around. My friend has resorted to being mean and a bully back to these kids because he does not know any other way to handle the situations. With recent counseling offered for free to this family, my friend has gained some confidence and is able to walk away from the bullying situations but unfortunately my friend does not have the skills yet to cope with the names he is called. Despite many conversations, my friend still has issues with his friends. With this being said, my friend is often times lonely. My friend does not have new clothes or new toys to help him share with his friends because his family does not have any extra money after paying bills and for food. Since my friend has had many issues at school, his mother is at the school many times a week observing and attending counseling sessions with her son to help him cope and learn social skills. This means that there is no time for mom to find a job, dad is the only financial provider for the family. My younger friend is starting to show some of the same traits her older brother does but is excelling further than he has with her friends. She wears older clothes and rarely has new toys to keep up with the others but she has been able to deal with it so far. My friends do not have any hope this Christmas to receive anything new or exciting from Christmas, the family has been talking about not celebrating because they do not have money to buy gifts or even have a fancy dinner for Christmas night.

My friends and their family could really use some help this winter season to put some presents under a tree, or in the living room for they might not have a tree, and to put some nice food on the table. Both my friends could use some new clothes, warm jackets, and shoes for theirs are old and worn out. Since there is a dress code at their school, they need khaki pants and dark green shirts. Jackets can be any color however. Both my friends could use some new and exciting books to read as they will be indoors for much of this winter season. My older friend loves basketball like his classmates but never has owned one to practice and show off his skills, a new basketball would allow him to grow his skills at home so he can bring them to the court. Likewise, my younger friend loves volleyball. A new volleyball would mean that she can practice and become confident enough to try out for the volleyball team next year. Both my friends could use some new toys. My older friend is really into Pokemon and legos and my younger friend is into art and dolls. Anything that they can do together, like board games or card games, would bond this family closer than they have ever been. The family could really use some gift cards to the local grocery store so they can put some warm food on the table for this cold winter that is approaching. This family will appreciate anything they receive, anything helps. Thank you from their family, our family, to yours. We appreciate you.

Thank you,
Friendly Neighbor

Male, 13- Size Adult S Clothes, Pokemon, Warm blankets, Remote Control Cars, Books, Basketball

Female, 9- Size Youth M/L Clothes, Art Supplies, Beauty Supplies, Volleyball, Dolls

family- Warm Blankets, Gift Cards for food and clothes, Board games

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