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Dear Secret Santa,
Providing for a family of 5 with enough money for food on the table and necessities leaves little for wants and desires and unfortunately this has also made this mom and older sister very busy. Older sister works as many hours as possible each week and whenever older sister is not working, mother is. This has not allowed this family to connect much over the past years. My three friends are two sons and a daughter of this hard working family and my friends are very grateful of everything they ever get. This is because they rarely get anything due to all of the money going to food and living expenses. The family’s struggles shows on the tired faces of the young children however they are still happy and excited to be a part of the Club every day. I wish to help change the future of the children living in the house, and I believe a nice, loving Christmas will do just the thing.

My young friend is in first grade. She is a young girl who would love to have a warm jacket to wear during this coming winter, and some dolls to play with while they are in the house. My older friend is now in seventh grade and would love some movies to watch with his family, and some headphones so that he can have his own alone quiet time. My friend is very fashionable but doesn’t really have any clothes he can be proud of, so any new clothes would put a smile on his face. The middle brother has little of his own since he gets all of the hand-me-downs from his older brother. He currently plays with very old toys, broken toys, anything that he can find at home. All of the children are wearing hand me downs and would appreciate new shoes and warm clothes for this coming winter. The family would really benefit from some new appliances for they have very few. Basic living essentials would greatly help out this family in need, as well as gift cards to the local grocery store to get some good food in their stomachs. Please help out my friends and help make their Christmas a miracle.
Thank you,

Friendly Neighbor

Male, 12- Adult S Jackets, Head phones, football, Remote Control Cars

Male, 9- Youth L, Legos, Action Figures, soccer ball, rc cars

Female, 6- Legos, Youth S, art supplies, dolls

Female, adult- Gift Cards, Gas Gift Cards, scarves, warm blankets

Mother- Kitchen Appliances, warm Blankets, Ross Gift Cards, Gas Gift Cards.

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