Letter # 902 Schoolage student in need Letter #902

Dear Secret Santa, 

I know of a family of 4, a teenage boy, his little sister, baby brother who is almost 2, and single mother. These two siblings are amazing kids! The mom works two jobs every day just so she can provide food on the table and a roof over their heads. I know that this mother struggles often to pay everything by herself. Her children are always the last to leave our program and often are picked up late, or have to walk home. While she does her best, this mom is in need this winter. She is one of the strongest women I ever met, even after all that she’s been through she keeps a smile on her and shows up to work.  

The oldest boy has little more than just love in their hearts. He is one of the most respectful kids I know, and does very well in school. He applies himself and never gives up, despite his situation at home. He is a role model among his peers and always willing to help out and offer extra support for our staff members. He loves to participate in sports and has amazing sportsmanship. Soccer equipment, or a basketball would allow him to have something to play with on the weekends. When asked what the oldest wanted for Christmas he said that he needed some new clothes for next year when he will be off to Middle school. A gift card for the oldest boy would really be a benefit so he can buy himself some new clothes. The younger sister would appreciate new dolls to play with. She also loves to do art and would absolutely LOVE an art craft kit to create beautiful things. She doesn’t have many art supplies at home so she often asks to take home a page from our coloring books and a few crayons so that she can color at home. With your help I know that we can give my little friends a Christmas to remember. Thank you, Secret Santa, for your support. 

Male, 12- Adult Large, Shorts, Pants & Sweats, Adult M Shoes, 7.5-Soccer Ball, Head Phones, Board Games, basketball, headphones, video games or Game Stop gift card, deck of cards, and some new socks.

Female, 9- Youth M, shirts/Clothes, Pants Large Youth (12/13) Shoes: 5 in Kids Art supplies, new, DIY Design Activities

Mother- Board Games, warm Blankets, gift cards to Wal-Mart, Safeway or Food Maxx, Household items,

Male, 18 months- Blankets, Diapers, Plastic Dishes, stuffed animals, age appropriate toys.

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