Letter # 903 Schoolage student in need Letter #903

Dear Secret Santa,

The family I am writing about have the sweetest little girl and the most passionate young man, along with 2 older sisters and their mom. They all live together in a small house with two bedrooms. The siblings have to share a room and the mom sleeps out on the couch so that her children will have their own space. This sweet little girl loves people and wishes to spend all her time talking with other kids her age and playing with dolls, and Shopkins. This young man has struggled in the past learning but constantly makes strides despite being behind the rest of his peers. I have seen them both attempting to play with the kids on the block but their bikes are old and the tires are flat and they have trouble keeping up with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. They don’t have very any toys to play with This young man loves sports and wishes he could play on a sports team but mom and dad don’t have time to take him to practice let alone the money to pay for the sports equipment.

Hopefully, this Christmas, someone can help my friends with some things that will make their lives so much happier and warmer. The sweet girl dreams for a bike, but some dolls and art supplies at home would allow her to invite her friends over for play dates. This young man solely wants scooter get around the neighborhood. The young man could also use some Legos or building blocks, or a remote-control car to have at home so he can play over the winter break. Both children could use some new shoes for theirs are not warm enough for the coming cold season and some warm jackets would ensure that their lively personalities are not kept inside all winter.

The two oldest sisters could use some cool things for their room, bedding pillows, pictures for the wall. They also both like make up and nail polish or any kind of accessories and jewelry. The mom only wants to be able to provide a warm meal for Christmas eve and could really use some gift cards for Target or Walmart. I wish this lovely, sweet family could have everything they need this winter and with only a little help, they could be.

Male, 7- Clothes size youth 8-10, sweaters size youth medium, warm winter jacket, beanie, pants, shirts, socks. Legos, hot wheels, Pokémon, remote control cars, books easy readers, school supplies. Slip on or Velcro shoes size 13-1

Female, 6- Clothes size youth small 6-8, sweater, jacket, socks, shirts, sweater, pajamas. Shopkins toys, art supplies, and journal/notebook. Paints, crafts, my little pony, shoes size 13-1, bike

Female, 16- Gift cards, makeup, jewelry, clothes size Women’s XL, nail polish,

Female, 19- Gift cards, makeup, jewelry, clothes size Women’s XL, nail polish,

Mother- Gift cards for groceries or Wal-Mart & Target

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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