Letter # 904 Schoolage student in need Letter #904

Dear Secret Santa,

I have two friends that I just recently got to know. They are the sweetest kids I’ve ever met and it shows that they learned it from their mom who is doing her best ono her own to make ends meet. Every day the two join us at the program and stay until nearly closing or are here after we close waiting for their mom to get off work. The family has gone through a lot of changes in the past year re-locating to Sonoma county after leaving an unsafe situation in the bay area. These 2 kids are quiet and somewhat shy, but are happy to be in anyone’s company and just need to know that there are people who care about them and their well-being. Their wardrobe is nearly the same daily because the mom cannot afford to purchase new clothes and is only able to provide the bare minimum for herself and her two children. With the winter coming up, I fear they will be cold and unable to stay dry. The mom has been working really hard to survive and this Christmas, they are going to need a little help.

The older boy is an artist who doesn’t have any art supplies to pursue his passion. He is quiet and shy but will sometimes ask to bring home some crayons and scissors so that he can create works of art at home. To have some art supplies at his house would mean the world to my young friend. The younger sister has a vivid imagination and would love some toy animals, blocks, dolls and Legos.

Board games for the family to play together would help bond the family and allow for some fun memories to be born. Please help out this family in need this Christmas, any little bit goes a long way.

Male, 11- LOVES to draw and use his imagination. Enjoys reading Books- harry potter, cards, board games, remote control helicopter or car. Legos, Adult S/YXL Jacket, Headphones, Checkers Board Game, Back Pack, Jacket

Female, 6- Art Supplies, Dolls, Youth M Jacket, Slime Kit, Diy Kit, Hair Accessories, ShopKins toys, Barbies, New Pack Back, seater, warm jacket.

Mother- Sweat pants, warm socks and scarves, gloves, household items, board games, gift card for groceries 

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