Letter # 914 Family in need asks for help Letter#914

Dear Secret Santa,

I know a family in need this holiday season. One of my friends is 18 years old, raised by a single mom, and just found out that she, herself, will become a mother. My friend’s life has been series of tragedies—her father has spent most of her life incarcerated, drug addiction was a norm in the family dynamic, and my friend spent nearly her entire adolescence in a youth authority camp for poor choices she made at 13. Through all of her trauma and struggles, my friend has always shown up and made the best out of her situation.

Through it all her family has united to work through all of their difficulties. They’ve even gotten custody of my friend’s young cousin who has special needs. My friend is helping to raise her young cousin, while also working full time to help her family financially.

A special Christmas for my friend would include make-up and nail polish, along with Wal-Mart and Target gift cards to buy necessities for her new baby and her cousin. The new baby and cousin would also benefit from a variety of baby clothes, diapers, baby books, and toys.

Mom could also definitely use some help with gift cards to local stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Ross, Safeway, or Foodmaxx to buy the family some household supplies, groceries, and bedding items.

Secret Santa please help me provide a Christmas miracle for this family.  

Female, 18- Gift cards to Target, Walmart to buy clothes & necessities for her new baby

Baby (unborn, due in July)- Car Seat, Diaper Bag, Infant onesies, baby clothes, blankets, burp rags, etc

Male, 2- Toddler toys, toddler books, clothes (24 mos), diapers

Family- Gift Card f or groceries to Safeway, or Food Maxx. General household and clothes; gift cards to Target, JC Penney, Walmart,

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