Letter # 916 Young father asks for help Letter#916

Dear Secret Santa,
I know a family in need this holiday season. One of my friends is only 17 but he is a father himself. He was raised by a single mother with whom he lives and helps to support the household. His younger brother also lives with them as does my friend’s son. His older brothers are incarcerated, and my friend has never had consistent positive role models. When he found himself in Juvenile Hall earlier this year, he decided that he had to be the positive role model that he never had—he had to do better for his son and younger brother.

He sought out supportive services and has made great strides to meeting his goals. After his release, he registered for school—this would be the first time he attended school in nearly 3 years. He has since had impeccable attendance. He got a job and is helping to support his own son and the rest of his household. His ultimate goal is to become an auto mechanic. Once he graduates high-school, he plans to enroll in the Junior College and complete their auto mechanic program. While my friend is making sure to get his life in order, he simultaneously ensures that his son does not go without. However, money is tight and often they find that they don’t have the financial means to provide his young son with enriching toys and books that are fundamental to foundational learning. My friend has also had to borrow car seats from friends, as he hasn’t been able to find an affordable one. This has meant taking public transportation with his son when he couldn’t find a car seat. A car seat would be life changing for them.

My friend’s younger brother has had to grow up all too fast as well, watching his older brothers find themselves in Juvenile Hall and the adult system. He, too, has struggled and made decisions that have landed him in Juvenile Hall as well. He and his brother have decided that they have to make positive changes together and are working to support each other. My friend’s brother never really got to be a kid because watching his family go through so many hardships made him feel like he had to carry the weight of everything going on.

Both my friend and his brother escape the pressure of their lives by playing video games, they especially love PlayStation 4 games.

Mom could also definitely use some help with gift cards to local stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Ross, Safeway, Foodmaxx, or Bed Bath and Beyond to buy the family some household supplies, groceries, and bedding items.

Secret Santa please help me provide a Christmas miracle for this family.

Male, 17- Gift cards to Target, Walmart to buy clothes & necessities for his son PlayStation 4 games, hoodies -no red or blue-(L/XL), mechanic tools

Male, 2- Car Seat, Toddler toys, toddler books

Male, 15- PlayStation 4 games, hoodies-no red or blue-(L/XL), giftcards

Family Needs- Family outing such as movie tickets. Gift Card f or groceries to Safeway, or Food Maxx. General household and clothes; gift cards to Target, JC Penney, Walmart

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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