Letter # 918 Fire loss forces Christmas requests Letter # 918

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Gloria 's family who lives in Santa Rosa .

I am writing to you today because Gloria 's family has a problem. Family was at a total loss last year during the fires and being a young family had no renters insurance.

The mother is adimittally working and living month to month. The devastation from the fires caused long time financial burdens.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Gloria 's family out by granting this wish.

Clothing, Shoes, Barbies, Baby Boy ride on bike, IPad, gift cards/activities for the family to do, hair cut gift cards.

If Gloria 's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. Clothing, helps to stay warm.

Toys , & IPad all lost, still trying to replace.
Bike, activities for thdse ki
girl, age 4, clothing size 4, shoe size 9
Boy, age 2, clothing size 2, shoe size 7

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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