Letter # 950 Friend asks for help for low income family Letter #950

Dear Secret Santa,

I would like this family of six to have a wonderful Christmas this year. I wish for this low-income family to have a good time during the holidays and not worry about money. I need your help getting their children two Wooden Activity Cubes.

This family lives paycheck to paycheck. The parents are very lovely and responsible. Their children are at the age where they love to play, learn and explore. However, they cannot afford to buy Wooden Activity Cubes.

This is also a gift for the parents because they will feel very satisfied and happy to be able to provide their children (thanks to you) with the Wooden Activity Cubes. In addition, they will be very happy because their toddlers will have a wide range of fun activities and learning opportunities by having this type of toys.

In case, you cannot assist with this special gift. The parents will be more than happy and thankful receiving any gifts to give to their children on Christmas Eve. Their toddlers are 2 and 3 years old. Their daughters are eight and ten years old.


Mrs. Beautiful Bells

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