Letter # 954 Cancer patient in need Letter #954

Dear Santa,

I work for St. Joseph Health Regional Cancer Care. I work with some amazing cancer patients each and every day; as do my colleagues. We have several patients that have some real needs. I know that Christmas is over a month away, but some of these needs are more urgent, so I thought I would tell you ahead of time.

I would say the most fitting gifts would be Visa gift cards for about $250--$500 or so each. Sometimes is it is hard to meet the variety of needs a patient has. Often, the most important really are the basic need of money for gas for their car, the bus, for prescriptions, food, clothing and funds for PG&E.

I will introduce you to some specific patients that I know have specific needs that the gift cards could help with.

Mary is a 69 year old lady who has metastatic breast cancer. She has no family support, and has had to try to go back to substitute teaching so that she will have enough money for food. She could really use some help with her rent payment, needs food and money for gas.

If we could give her $500 in the form of Visa cards, that would be so very helpful.
Thank you Santa for helping me with Mary.

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