Letter # 960 Cancer patient in need Letter # 960

Dear Santa,

I work for St. Joseph Health Regional Cancer Care. I work with some amazing cancer patients each and every day; as do my colleagues. We have several patients that have some real needs. I know that Christmas is over a month away, but some of these needs are more urgent, so I thought I would tell you ahead of time.

I would say the most fitting gifts would be Visa gift cards for about $250--$500 or so each. Sometimes is it is hard to meet the variety of needs a patient has. Often, the most important really are the basic need of money for gas for their car, the bus, for prescriptions, food, clothing and funds for PG&E.

I will introduce you to some specific patients that I know have specific needs that the gift cards could help with.

Jo is a 43 year old lady who has a bad case of breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She lives in Santa Rosa and has 3 children, Jo has a daughter who is a paraplegic and just recently had to have an amputation. Life is very difficult at their home. Jo could really use $500 in the form of Visa cards to help with her food, utilities and gas money so that she can get to her cancer treatment appointments. She could use a Macys and 2 Amazon gift cards for her kids.

Thank you Santa for helping me with Jo.

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