Letter # 972 Cancer patient in need Letter#972

Dear Santa,

I work for St. Joseph Health Regional Cancer Care. I work with some amazing cancer patients each and every day; as do my colleagues. We have several patients that have some real needs. I know that Christmas is over a month away, but some of these needs are more urgent, so I thought I would tell you ahead of time.

Paula is a 63 year old lady who has metastatic breast cancer and struggled with misc. health issues for most of her life. She does not have family support and is often just so overwhelmed by all that she has to do for her health. Often she has to go to UCSF. She is not able to drive down there and so transportation and paying for it becomes a huge issue. Often she was just choosing to not go to appointments or treatments. We feel like we have her back in the circle now and that she is getting things done that really have to be done. .

She lives by herself in Santa Rosa. She does not have much money at all. She needs help with rent, utilities, food and gas. Can we please give her a $500 gift card or pay some of her PG&E and then give her at least $250?

Thank you Santa for working to help Paula.

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