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Ill Grandparents wishing for gifts Letter # 14
Mother with alopecia wishes for gifts for children Letter #17
Family hoping for Christmas toys Letter # 34
Low income family wishing for help this Christmas Letter #37
Family with autistic daughter needs help this Christmas Letter # 39
Children need warm clothes for winter Letter # 42
Active older lady wishes for a stationary bike to help with depression Letter # 44
Single Mom wants toys for her children for Christmas Letter # 46
Family in need of clothes, shoes and food Letter # 49
Girls hoping for bicycles this Christmas Letter # 54
Mother and children starting new life. Household goods The girls would like bikes Letter # 56
Grandfather in need of car repairs Letter # 57
Grandma raising grandchildren in need of help Letter # 60
Father of 4 wanting warm clothing for children Letter # 61
Cancer patient needs help with home repairs Letter # 63
Family needs help with basic needs and with SRJC fees Letter # 68
Single Mom needs clothes and toys for Christmas Letter # 75
Viet vet needs laptop and car repairs Letter # 78
Disabled grandmother wishes for a microwave and toaster oven Letter # 79
Active senior wants foldable power wheelchair Letter # 80
Elderly couple needs gas kitchen stove to remain independent Letter # 81
Children wishing for bikes for Christmas Letter # 83
Father's illness preventing him from working and taking care of family Letter # 86
Mother of 5 needs help this Christmas Letter # 93
Family of 7 needs help this Christmas Letter # 94
Family in desperate need to clean household environment Letter # 100
Single father and son need help with car payment and winter clothing Letter # 102
Mother wants a bike and video game to give her children a merry christmas Letter # 103
Single Mom needs car repairs Letter # 112
Single Mom wishing for toys for her children Letter # 117
Elderly, low income woman wishes for furnace repair and dental work Letter # 118
Mother wants gifts for children Letter # 119
Family hoping for warm clothes for Christmas Letter # 123
Family of 5 would like clothes and toys to have a better Christmas Letter # 124
Fire family in need of help Letter # 127
4 children would like tablets or ipads to help with school work Letter # 131
2 elderly gentlemen in Cazadero needyard and house clean up help Letter # 134
Family happy to receive anything Letter # 137
Elderly lady in need of lift chair Letter # 138
Disabled elderly coupleneed help with many "after fire" needs Letter # 139
Elderly woman in need of washing machine Letter # 141
Low income senior in need of lift chair Letter # 142
Elderly lady needs ramp to exit home Letter # 144
Frail, isolated senior needs ipad to be connected to world Letter # 145
Elderly lady with some paralysis in need of new mattress Letter # 146
9 year old writes her own Secret Santa letter Letter # 147
Bedridden woman needs lift chair to recover strength Letter # 150
Woman with a traumatis Brain injury needs laptop Letter # 151
Low income veteran has needs to make his life better Letter # 153
Frail senior needs help with gift cards for food and warm robe and slippers Letter # 157
Senior with congestive heart failure needs gift cards for food and some household items Letter # 158
Senior woman asks for a microwave and food gift cards Letter # 160
Elderly man wishes microwave and food cards for better nutrtion Letter # 165
Elderly, frail woman needs help with food and a microwave for cooking Letter # 166
Elderly man in chronic pain needs gift cards for food and warm clothing Letter # 167
Elderly man with chronic illness needs help with food and warm clothing Letter # 168
Family needs help with toys and clothing Letter # 172
Single mom of 5 desperately needs clothing help for children Letter # 174
Unemployed father needs help for Christmas Letter # 175
High bills forces father to ask for help Letter # 177
Man with bursitis needs futon and bedding Letter # 178
Family asking for help this Christmas Letter # 179
Woman with sleep apnea needs help with cleaning equipment Letter # 180
Mom needs help with toys for Christmas Letter # 183
Man with challenges asks for help Letter # 188
Immigrant family in need of help for Christmas Letter # 189
Illness prevents father from working and very much need Christmas help Letter # 190
Family needs toys and toys for children Letter # 196
Elderly Woman needs chair lift Letter # 198
Homeless youth needs help with SRJC needs Letter # 199
Clothes and toys needed for children Letter # 200
Air Force veteran needs help Letter # 201
Isolated senior would like a televisionLetter # 202
Mother wishes to thank daughter Letter # 203
Anxiety ridden man needs dental work Letter#205
Fire Family still Stuggling Letter #211
Senior In Need Letter #212
Senior Struggling Letter #213
Petaluma Family in need Letter#215
Toys for Christmas Letter#216
Single Senior Letter # 218
Mother and Daughter in need of water filter Letter #223
New tennis shoes for girlfriend Letter #225
Isolated bed-ridden woman asks for tv to help connect with poutside world Letter # 236
Teen Mom needs chromebook to complete homework Letter #238
Family recovering from abuse desperately needs help Lett # 240
Mother needs help with childrens clothes Letter #242
Family in need of warm winter clothes Letter #246
Daughter with lupus wishes for laptop for homeworkLetter #248
Women wish for transportation Letter #254
Quadriplegic man aske for financial help to stay in his home Letter#256
Man needs shoes to walk to work Letter #258
Single Mom, who was recently homeless, needs clothing and toys for children Letter #263
Family of 6 needs help with winter clothes Letter #264
Elderly woman needs help with rent Letter #265
Family asks for help with car payments Letter#266
Family needs help with winter clothes Letter#267
man trying to rebuild strength after stroke Letter# 269
Low income family would like anything for Christmas Letter #277
Mom needs laptop to return to school Letter #278
Elderly woman needs a newer laptop and groceris Letter#279
Elderly woman asks for new tv and help with bills Letter #281
Dental help for this woman Letter #284
New tires and brakes would help this gentleman Letter #286
A really good guy would like tires and a laptop Letter#287
One year old boy needs clothing and toys
Toys and clothes for Christmas Letter #293
Pregnant Mother stops working due to illness and is asking for Christmas help Letter# 297
Mother asks for Christmas help Letter #298
man with leukemia needs dental help Letter#301
Christmas help for family in need Letter#305
Karin, on fixed income, needs warm winter boots Letter#307
Mother needing better job asks for laptop and gifts for girls. Letter #308
Newly housed gentleman wishes for mountain bike for transportation Letter#309
Family lost business and wish for Christmas gifts for children Lett#314
Family in need of jackets Letter #317
Mother wishes for help due to high rent in Sonoma County Letter # 318
Family just want toys for children Letter #323
Single Mother of 4 would like help with toys and clothing Letter #325
Cotati man desperately needs dental work Letter#326
Single Mom without child support asks for laptop for family. Letter#330
12 year old would like a new jacket Letter 3 ##@
Father hoping for Chrisstmas for his children Letter# 336
Dental work needed for single Mom Letter #339
Family would like bicycle for daughter Letter #341
Unemployed mom wishes for bikes for her children
Family looking for a little Christmas
Homeless man and son need help Letter#365
Father asks for help with bills Letter#373
Grandmother hoping for computer Letter#419
Still need help after the fire Letter#430
Mother having a hard time caring for family needs Letter#454
Cindy needs help with special walker Letter#458
Honor student in need of computer Letter 459
Family living on street after losing home to fire Letter#463
Couple in need on limited income need assistance Letter#512
Family trying to recover from fire
Mourning Mother trying to pay bills Letter#527
Depressed family needs help Letter#536
Mother with cancer needs car repairs Letter #538
Struggling family asking for clothes and laptops for kid's schooling Letter#541
Lost Home in Fires #552
Sister wishes to help brother Letter#565
Mother of two would like Santa to remember kids Letter# 642
Fire victim asking for help Letter #660
Son only needs shoes Letter # 674