Letter to Secret Santa

Hello and Welcome to "Letter to Secret Santa".

Use this page to write a letter to Secret Santa. Secret Santa fulfills wishes two different ways, One way is to write your own personal letter using this webpage. The other is go to any agency listed under "Learn More/Agency List" and ask them to submit a request for you.


Please note that only one letter per household can be submitted each year. If anyone has submitted a letter for your household and you wish to make a change, please contact Secret Santa. Click here for the Secret Santa contact information.

Before beginning, please take a moment to read the following, and then click "I Accept" at the bottom and click "Next" if you wish to proceed.

I understand this process is not confidential. Any information I provide may be used by the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County, KZST radio or Friedman's Home Improvement Center to share with members of our community. My letter might be read on the air or published in part or in full for marketing purposes.

I understand that completing this application does not guarantee the receiving of any gifts or food vouchers, and the quality and quantity of the gifts is dependent upon the generosity of donors. I agree to pick up gifts by 1/15 if I am granted or forfeit following year.